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Gloria Steinem:

The Truth will set you free But first it will piss you off quote by Gloria Steinem
Maybe people don't want to see the truth?
Maybe they don't want to be pissed off, as Gloria said?
Maybe they better like the comforting lies?
The unplesant thruth would piss off people, and they woudnt like it...

Comforting lies


Hvordan du taler og opfører dig overfor din børn,
er et billede af hvordan du har det med dig selv.
- Citat af ?


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Sigmund Freud:

About unexpressed emotions


David Deida:

If you don't know your purpose, discover it, now.




Life is sex. The word "sex" is not confined to reproduction, the whole play of life energy is sex.
Reproduction is just a part of that play. Wherever two energies are meeting - negative and positive - sex has entered. It is difficult to understand.
For example: you are listening to me. If you ask Freud, or if you ask Tantra masters, they would say that listening is passive, feminine, and speaking is male.
Speaking is a penetration of you and you are receptive to it. Between a speaker and a listener a sex act is happening because the speaker is trying to penetrate you and the listener is receiving. The energy in the listener has become feminine, and if the listener has not become feminine there will be no phenomenon of listening. That is why the listene male and the other party has become female, otherwise there can be no communication.
Wherever negative and positive meet, sex has happened. It may be on the physical plane - positive and negative electricity meet and sex has happened. Wherever polarities meet, opposites meet, it is sex.
So sex is a very wide, a very spacious term, it is not concerned only with reproduction.
- Osho

Two Wolves:

The story of the two Wolves

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